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The ICS difference between us and our competitors

Why ICS?
Discover why we are superior to our competition

At Intelligent Computer Systems, we understand your business priorities and know technology is a necessary component, but NOT the main component. We realize that in order for your business to return a profit, it also needs a good ROI or return on investment on it's purchases which include our services. That's why we know it's not just our job to consult and fix your IT infrastructure, but it is also our job to make sure you have the best technology support, but also at something your business can afford. Our motto is "The Smart Choice in Computer Service" and we strive to always achieve just that for our customers and clients.

Our first priority is to bring value to your business NOT to our bottom line

We've been doing this a while and know how businesses in our field work. We all utilize the same or similar tools to track our time and expenses, etc. and know how those tools are being used. However....

Did you know that whenever you call your current IT provider with a service oriented question they might be tracking the total time of that call with software in order to bill you for it?

Did you also know that when your current IT provider does work on a project for you, they use that same software to track every minute and even sometimes every second of that work in order to hand you the largest bill possible for that project?

At ICS, we don't like that way of doing business. Sure we use the same types of software for tracking our work as is standard in our field, but do NOT use it to nickel and dime our clients. We, as a business, do not like having our vendors treat us that way and won't treat our clients like that as an IT service provider. You are just too valuble for us to do that and we place you first. We understand our formula makes happy and very satisified clients that not only stay very loyal to us, but also clients that will refer us to others and help our business to grow as we help theirs to do the same.

Our goal is to build long lasting business relationships with our clients

Lastly, we want you to feel that choosing us will be the best decision you have made regarding technology support for your business. We strive to make sure you are provided with the best service possible and also believe communication is the most vital form of that support. Please know we will continue to provide you with excellent technology service value and won't place you as just another number in our system for generating revenue. Call us today at 360-737-7921 or 503-342-7557, send us a message, or use our Live Chat form on the bottom right to find out why our clients choose us over our competition. We know you won't regret it.


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