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Why ICS?

You have questions....we have answers!

I currently have an IT service provider for my business who does adequate work. Why would I want to leave them and consider going with your company for my business IT needs?

Great question. The simple answer to that is we feel we offer great service and at better rates. We are aware of our competition and know what they charge and what they do in many circumstances. We will come out and give you a FREE consultation and can go over your current IT needs and what your current IT provider is charging and covering. And in most instances, we can provide the same or better service at a much lower cost! Give us a call and schedule a consultation today. There is no obligation and you have nothing to lose (but leaving your old IT service provider behind for a better one).

Do you charge for looking at my computer and giving me an estimate?

No. Estimates are always free and we will contact you before any work is done.

I’d like an IT Consultant to come out to my business and assess what technology areas need work. Do you provide that kind of service?

Yes. We gladly provide that service and also always free of charge! (unlike some of our competitors)

I have Apple computers along with the PCs at my office. Can you service both and also make both work on the same network?

Yes! We have both PC and Mac specialists available that can repair any issue and create what’s called a “heterogeneous” network, meaning both Macs and PCs work on the same network.

I am concerned about my business’s server being backed up properly. Do you offer backup evaluations and/or plans?

Yes. We can come out and assess your backup needs and implement a cost effective backup plan for all of your critical data.

My business doesn’t have a dedicated IT person. Are you able to fill that need?

Yes, very much so! What we would suggest is a free initial consultation where we could discuss our Managed Service contracts with you and how having one could greatly benefit your business. Click here for more information about our Managed IT Services for businesses.

My business does have an IT person, but they are only part time or also have other job duties. Do you provide supplemental service or support for IT people?

Yes, you bet we do. We can cover the areas your current IT employee can’t get to or doesn’t have expertise in, or we can simply be a resource for that person to use when help is needed. We can cover any IT need or function.

Do you repair smartphones or tablets?

No, unfortunately we do not directly repair mobile devices. But, we have a great mobile repair provider we partner with that has great service we can refer you to.

Do you carry computer parts for upgrading my PC?

No, we are not a computer hardware store. We are mainly a service provider business and although we do have a few frequently used parts on hand, we usually direct order parts on an as needed basis. This enables us to save costs which we pass on to you.

Do you sell computers?

Yes! Although not the biggest part of our business (service and support are), we are a registered Dell partner/reseller and can generate quotes on new equipment for you. We also will sell pre-owned PC and Mac equipment as the need arises.

Can we bring a computer that needs repair to your location?

Yes. We have an office you can drop your equipment needing repair at. We may not always be there, as we are working out in the field, but there is a receptionist who can direct you to where to leave your computer and will inform us when you have. But, just to be sure, please always contact us first and schedule a drop off time.

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Please feel free to use our Live Chat box on the bottom right hand corner to speak with a customer representative, Send us a message, or give us a quick call at 360-737-7921 or 503-342-7557

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