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Computer Repair in Vancouver, WA | Portland, OR

Need Computer Repair for your home PC? Look no further!

Quality Computer Service at affordable prices

Intelligent Computer Systems is a local computer repair business serving Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon

We offer many repair services from hardware repairs to software troubleshooting. Having a problem with your computer being slow? We use industry standard tools to scan and find issues with your computer and remove any virus or malware and also repair any system file damage. Are you having problems starting or booting your computer? We can troubleshoot hardware issues, such as hard drives that are starting to fail. We strive for fast turn around service, so you don't have to be without your PC for too long. We provide free local pickup and delivery, as well as a local office for you to drop off your equipment. We can fix anythng from a broken laptop screen to a motherboard replacement in a desktop PC. We also will give you a completely FREE estimate for any service we feel your computer needs.

Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Virus removal
  • Windows 10 upgrades
  • Data Recovery from internal or external hard drives
  • Software upgrades
  • Computer & Hardware upgrades
  • Repair broken laptop screens
  • Router configuration
  • Wifi service
  • Internet troubleshooting
  • Laptop repairs
  • Apple Mac Repairs
  • ALL makes & models serviced

Is your PC running slow? Crashing all the time? Just doesn't seem like it's operating the way it is supposed to?

Give us a call 360-737-7921 or 503-342-7557 right now! Or use our Live Chat on the lower right hand side or our Contact Us form to schedule a virus removal and PC cleaning immediately! Don't waste time or risk your PC getting even more infected any longer.

Data Recovery Services

Is your computer making noises? Think it might be your hard drive? Are you getting a message saying your hard drive is starting to fail? Did you accidentally delete a file or format-delete your hard drive? No problem, we have you covered. We can access your hard drive with our data recovery software and in many instances retrieve your seemingly lost files. Even if your hard drive is damaged badly enough that our software can't access it, we can send your drive into one of our vendor partners and can get a quote for your data recovery absolutely free, no strings attached. If you need data recovered, please Contact Us today and don't wait any longer. If you delay, it could make it harder or even impossible to recover your critical data.

If you have lost files or data please give us a call 360-737-7921 or 503-342-7557 immediately! Or use our Live Chat on the lower right hand side or our Contact Us form so we can help you retrieve your files! Don't waste time or risk the permanent loss of critical data any longer.

*Office Visits by Appointment Only*

Call us now at 360-737-7921 or 503-342-7557
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